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Our passion for classic cars & bikes leads us to discover and restore some of them. The following vehicles in this section are from our collection. They have been brought back to its former condition in both, appearance and performance.

Renault Clio 1. 8 16v It was introduced in 1991 and with the 1764 cm³ naturally-aspirated, inline 4-cylinder Petrol engine, delivering 137 HP, with high speed of 209 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 8.0 seconds was the top of the range Clio model. When we got our Clio it was in a general

Porsche 944 Many criticize the 944 Porsche model as a non-original Porsche. Sure, it doesn’t have a rear engine and the classic curvy design, but 944 is a very special car. It sure has an excellent build quality and the attention to the detail that all Porsche models have. Our 944 is from 1985, the

Mercedes-Benz 290GD Although this is not the first G-Class that we feature here, it was the first that we got and restored. This G-Wagon (W461) is not even an old-timer, hardly you can call it a young-timer, since it was built in the year 1999. This car is a 290GD turbodiesel. The only previous owner

The boxy design made it unique and also timeless. Since 1972, the year it was launched, until 2018 only minor changes have been made to the exterior of the G Class. This one is a very nice G Class W460 series from the year 1994 with some upgrades in the exterior. In the inside you

After many years of building vehicles mostly for the army, Jeep introduces in the 70’s the CJ series. CJ being the acronym of Civilian Jeep. This one is a Jeep CJ7 from the year 1978, with the 4,2 liters engine. If I could keep 10 cars that particular one would be definitely one. The big

BMW motorbikes are not only legendary, they also made postwar Europe mobile. The BMW R25/3 was an entry level bike back in the day and remains an entry level collectors bike. When you take a bike like this apart you are stunned from the simplicity, the level of quality though that they are made is something

This one is a Citroen 2CV6 Charleston from the year 1983. When it came to us it was Charleston bordeaux, but since it would have had to be resprayed we decided to change the colour and paint it grey, a colour code also available in Charleston edition. We also managed to find all original decals

One of the most popular BMW classic model is definitely the 02 series (or E10), the 2002 tii and the Turbo sapped BMW to the company that is today. This particular one is a 1502 not as wanted as his bigger brothers but still a nice one. It received from us a light restoration, solving

Sudly the last years was not so good for Bertone until they went bankrupt. In November of 2018 an action was held in Italy to sell the last stuff from the collection of Bertone. The auction included many things such as: clay models, posters, signs, car parts and more.As a classic car lover you have

Tarzan is a Mini 850 build in 1975. Tarzan received a full restoration, painted British racing green and got a white top with white stripes on the bonnet for more style. The 800cc engine although it wasn’t in a bad nick, got fully restored and serviced, the brakes was also overhauled. The interior was in

This one is a Vespa P200E from the year 1983. When we got it the many years that was abandoned had took its toll at this poor Vespa. After a lot of work we managed to fix the body and rust issues. The original color was white but we wanted something more funky so we