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Porsche 944

Many criticize the 944 Porsche model as a non-original Porsche. Sure, it doesn’t have a rear engine and the classic curvy design, but 944 is a very special car. It sure has an excellent build quality and the attention to the detail that all Porsche models have.

Our 944 is from 1985, the facelift year, featuring the new dials. It has the most common 2.5 litre strait four-cylinder engine with 163HP and a five-speed manual transmission. All though the horsepower might not sound as much, they are more than enough together with the transaxle gearbox to give to the car a sporty driving experience. The car also came with the S2 body kit and the four-pistons brakes from the Turbo model.

When we got the car, it was in fair condition. We did a full respray to the car, we retrimmed the leather interior and we refurbished the wheels and brakes, as well as we did a foul engine service.

In general, 944 is nice car from the mid ‘80s with a sporty character but also comfortable for an everyday use. We enjoy it most in the good weather with the Targa roof off.