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The boxy design made it unique and also timeless. Since 1972, the year it was launched, until 2018 only minor changes have been made to the exterior of the G Class.

This one is a very nice G Class W460 series from the year 1994 with some upgrades in the exterior. In the inside you will find full leather seats and side panels. We also did the standard engine and brake service, we painted the rims black and we retrofitted more modern headlights for better visibility in the dark.

The lifestyle character  that the car got the last years can not undervalue its off-road ability. The body on frame construction with the three fully looking differentials made it unstoppable. The on-road ride is very comfortable and the interior is very spacious with a huge trunk.

Like most classic Mercedes-Benz from the 80’s, the G Class can easily be used as a daily driver.