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BMW motorbikes are not only legendary, they also made postwar Europe mobile. The BMW R25/3 was an entry level bike back in the day and remains an entry level collectors bike. When you take a bike like this apart you are stunned from the simplicity, the level of quality though that they are made is something else.

This one is a BMW R25/3 250cc 4t engine from the year 1954. The former owner decided to paint the bike red. So the first think we did was to take the bike apart and paint it back n the original black, with handmade pinstripe white lanes using the same technique as back then. After finding all the parts that we needed we serviced the engine and brakes and we put the bike back together, we also fitted a Pagusa solo seat which lift the entire looks. We was amazed from the transformation.

All in all BMW R25/3 is a beautiful bike. Even if you are used to more powerful bikes you would love to take it for a ride.